Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cauliflower Curry Couscous

·         1 head of cauliflower
·         1/2 organic zucchini (i didn't have any yellow squash so i used all zucchini)
·         1/2 organic yellow squash
·         3-5 links no nitrate, gluten free chicken sausage, any flavor
·         curry powder (lots)
·         cumin (lots!)
·         garlic salt
·         saffron (optional)


1. Process the cauliflower to the consistency of couscous. Do this in batches without overfilling the food processor so that the cauliflower is uniformly processed. First, I break up the head of cauliflower in a big bowl over the sink because it tends to get messy and fly all over the place. Next, I fill the food processor about half way and pulse until I reach my desired consistency. Last, I transfer that batch to a bowl before adding another until all of the cauliflower is processed. I typically put the food processor lid and blade on a paper towel as I do this to limit my clean-up. 

2. Grate about 1/2 each a zucchini and a yellow squash over the bowl of cauliflower and mix together.

3. Dice the chicken sausage and brown in (preferably) a cast iron skillet. It will be fully cooked, but you want it to brown for flavor as well as season the skillet. 

4. Add the vegetable mixture and stir, season with curry powder, cumin and garlic salt. If you're lucky enough to have saffron  add a pinch or 2 for extra flavor and that beautiful yellow color. You won't want to cook it for long, making sure the veggies don't get soggy. 


Serve with easy indian chicken (chicken cooked in curry paste and coconut milk, mushroom, onions)

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