Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sour Gummy

These were so easy and good!! I put mine in a silicone ice cube tray from the Dollar Store (which had 21 holes in it). ready in minutes and a nice treat!


3 Tbsp grassfed Gelatin (I used Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin) - i'm sure regular gelatin would be fine
1/3 cup lemon/lime juice (i fresh squeezed mine)
3 Tbsp honey (I only used 2 Tbsp and for me, they were sweet enough)
Optional - non-toxic, veggie based food coloring (I used a slice of fresh beet and let it soak a bit in the juice)
optional - few drops of lemon extract or lemon oil for increased pucker factor (i used pure lemon oil)

Whisk lemon/lime juice, honey and gelatin in sauce pan until there are no lumps.  Heat over very low h eat until nice and smooth. add food colouring if desired. Grab an ice cube try or silicone mould. you can use a basic pan too and then just cut into squares or use a cookie cutter after its set.

Pour into the mould, pop in freezer for 5-10 minutes to form up. once they are out of the freezer they will stay firm at room temperature.

Great treat for kids!

Here is the silicone mould I used.  I did make a second batch using the grapefruit juice pictured below..... they were ok but not as good as the fresh lemon ones. The ones pictured below are the grapefruit ones.

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