Monday, 4 June 2012

Chicken Curry Casserole

This is a recipe that I created :)  It's another recipe where I didn’t exactly “measure” anything. I made this the other night as I wanted a chicken casserole without the rice. i used grated cauliflower for the rice and put it in my food processor and it was done in seconds.  Here's what I did:

Take grated cauliflower (about 1.5 cups) and fry it for about 5-8 minutes in a fry pan with a bit of oil.  I then threw in some water, covered it and let it steam for about another 5 or 6 minutes.  turn off and set throw in stainless steel bowl.

Cut up mushrooms, green and red peppers, onions and spinach and put them in microwaveable bowl and nuke for about 2 minutes.

Cook some diced chicken and throw that in the bowl with the "rice" and cooked veggies, stir.

i then made a sauce for my casserole.  As I was craving curry, I put about 1 cup of canned coconut milk (mostly the cream part), added a few tablespoons of curry paste (I’m sure curry powder or any other spices would be ok) and then added a couple tablespoons of sour cream – if you don’t do dairy, just eliminate the cream and just use coconut cream.  stir well and then throw it in with your rice and veggies. Mix and pour into small casserole dish (I have one that is about 5 x 5 and perfect for two small servings. 

Top with cheese (I used goat and mozza ) and bake!

As you can see, you can mix this up any way you want with whatever ingredients you want – easy and delicious!

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